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All Pricing Is For 1 Yard Increments Unless Otherwise Noted.

108" by 108" Quilt Back Paisley Dark Purple 49374-A06


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Why Helios Quilt Backings Are Special

Helios' quilt backings fit up to a King Size quilt (108" by 108"). That's 9 square yards of fabric for less than $4.50 a  yard. And they are made in South Carolina at one of the five working fabric mills in the USA. We use them on every quilt we make for the backing, the binding, and even sometimes the piecing. It's great to have one large piece of fabric that you don't have to sew together for a back!

If you see a 0 quantity next to the back you are interested in, call us at 319-594-7987 between 10am and 7pm CST and ask if it's in stock. We have a retail store and we often have the back you want on the display even when it's listed out of stock on the website.

Save Bucks When You Buy More Backs
If you are buying three or more backings, call your order in to us as the backs will drop down to $35 each. If you decide to order three or more backings online, we will refund your card $4 per back ordered. It takes about 5-7 business days for the refund to process. You can call orders in to 319-512-3323 or 319-594-7987 between 10am and 7pm CST.

Quilt Back Washing Instructions
Because of the sizing that's added to these fabrics, you want to wash them before you use them. Washing the sizing out will make the backings softer and easier to work with. Wash each back separately in cold water with a little softener or detergent added. Dry them half way (they should still be damp) and throw them over a bed to dry the rest of the way or hang them to dry. The lighter colored backs will feel like brushed cotton or flannel after they are washed.