Helios Adjustable Apron African Wildlife


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Who doesn't need a Helios Apron?

  • They are durable. The seams are made to last, the 100% cotton material is washable, and they are lined with painter's tarp so grease can't transfer from the outside on to your clothes.
  • They are comfortable. No more tying straps behind your neck. The straps are adjustable so you can place the apron at the right location. The straps are also extra long so you can tie them in the front.
  • They are practical. Once you see how easy the straps slide within the channel, you will slip right into this apron. No more splatters on your clothing!
  • They are fun. The colors and designs are eye-catching. You will be the talk of the dinner party when you walk into the room. 
  • They are handmade. All of our aprons are made on site at Helios. We only used the finest cotton fabrics in our aprons and it shows.