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Adult White Campers Apron


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What Makes Helios Aprons Special?

  • Our Adult aprons are 26" in length and 20" in width.
  • The straps are adjustable so they will fit people of varying height without having to tie the strap behind the head.
  • Each apron is backed with painter's tarp. This gives a little weight to the apron so it hangs nicely, and it also makes it so grease or dirt won't transfer from  the outside fabric on to your clothing.
  • Our aprons have longer straps so they can be tied in the front.
  • Almost all of the aprons have handy pockets. If the apron doesn't have pockets, it's because we don't want to cover up the print.
  • Almost every apron is one of a kind. If you like one of our aprons, get it as they sell fast!
  • Our aprons are both durable and easy to wash.